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Our Vision

VGEM Jewelry is the No.1 customized jewelry maker and the leading supplier of wedding rings, engagement rings and debutante's rings in the country.

Our Mission

We are a service company in covenant with God and our community; Incorporated to create niche in jewelry industry, committed to make our services supreme and unquestionable dedication with passion to give highest regard when it comes to services, execution and final output of our rings. Challenged to be instruments of positive change.

Our Commitment

Our commitment starts to God, our creator. That we are working because first we are servants of Him. We are doing this all for His glory. Second to our dear clients, keeping and caring their trust they bestowed on us, with a promise that we are doing our very best to meet their needs and expectations. Third to our employees, that we are working as a dynamic team, that every areas of the business are connected to each other, every area is important. Motivated to work in full capabilities, efficiency, competency, dedication, reliance, and dependability in a conducive workplace in order to achieve corporate goals and objective. Fourth to our community whom we belong, that we will be a worthy citizen of this country, willing to give a helping hand to those who are in need. Fifth and lastly, our commitment in the industry we belong that we will always effect positive change, introduce new ideas, conceptualize new business concept, and always searching for any development and improvements that will enhance or change the current systems and business concept.
To God be the Glory 

Who we are?


incorporate... now we are...

"customizedRing, corp." 

It started in a humble beginning in the year 2001, being a manufacturer of customized quality fine jewelries in Meycauayan, Bulacan (Jewelry Center of the Philippines), and now due to the booming industry in the wedding sector here and abroad, we are now directing our resources and knowledge to customized quality wedding rings and engagement rings, just recently the debutante 's rings any design from the internet, magazines, catalogs or your own personal design, ours is the execution in the production of your chosen design. Our management is fully equipped with knowledge and experience of more than 35 years in jewelry making in the Philippines, making this company competitive enough to venture out to this kind of business.

We manufacture our jewelry in a place wherein production supplies and manpower are very accessible. Thus, giving us less labor cost and production cost. We do not maintain any showroom/store in a mall or in a big establishment in a city, what we have are sales offices in one-stop-wedding-shop in the metro, this let us produce high quality jewelry at a lower cost because of much lower overhead, and so we pass the savings to you our dear clients. We are not the traditional over-the-counter jewelry store, our concept is out-of-the-box, non-traditional, and uniquely geared up to make your customized jewelry more affordable without compromising its quality…which is our primary objective… to give you quality jewelry at affordable cost.

Excellent quality should always coincide with Lifetime Guarantee on materials used to ensure our clients that we are using only quality and best materials to their jewelry to give them peace of mind that they were not cheated and we mean business… a repeat business through word of mouth, which we can only achieve by making our clients satisfied. To make us quite different from others, we offer huge discounts, freebies during exhibit, free engrave etc., and Lifetime Free Labor on resize, cleaning and plating because we strongly believe that great products should always be packaged with great after-sales services.

We do not focus on making our own jewelry designs because we know there’s a lot of it in the internet, jewelry magazine, catalog, instead of focusing on that aspect of our business we rather choose to make our services supreme… especially after-sales services…thus, we always say that we are a “service-oriented jewelry company and not design-oriented”



What v-gem jewelry stands for?

V - stands for victory, victor, victorious, winner

GEM - stands for jewels, or something that is absolutely great, something that is admired for its beauty or excellence.

from there we got the name of


 ♦ V G E M  J E W E L R Y ♦

What we have?

Core Features that makes our competitor afar from us.

CUSTOM DESIGN SERVICE If you can describe it, we can get it! Our sales counselor is dedicated to finding special items for our customers - there's no limit to our resources. Any design from the internet, magazine, catalog or personal design, we can do it! The design will be executed base on client's preferences and will be handled by our experienced craftsmen and pass through our meticulous quality process.

WE GUARANTEE OUR JEWELRY We guarantee our jewelry; our materials are covered by lifetime guarantee. But diamonds are not included because of its nature and normal usage that are prone to lost and damages, (only certificate of authenticity are being issue) but if you ever lose a stone because of a faulty mounting, we will replace it free! If found gross negligence on our part. If the item loses its finish, we have better alternatives... after-sales services!

AFTER-SALES SERVICES Yes! your precious jewelry is covered by great after-sales services! We give lifetime free labor on resize, cleaning and plating. Only materials used if resizing bigger are being charged at a discounted rate, if resizing smaller the materials cut from the ring are being return to clients for future use. And also the chemical to be used in plating at a much discounted price. All the labor doing the resizing, repolishing, refinishing, inspection of mountings, cleaning ang plating are lifetime free!

FLEXIBLE PAYMENT TERMS Cash, Checks, Bank Deposits, Credit Cards and Layaway these are the available payment options you can choose from. Terms of payment will also depend on the budget and availability of funds of our clients. Sounds good huh?!!!

RIGOROUS QUALITY CONTROL Our experts carefully inspects each rings in the production, its individual stones and mounting to ensure that they met our meticulous quality standards.

ONE PRICE! ANY DESIGN! This unique feature of ours, enable our clients to choose their designs from internet, magazine, personal designs and catalog. Unlimited designs within your reach! As long as the design chosen is doable manually and suits to agreed specs. Specifications of each rings are the basis of computation e.g. sizes, width, thickness, and if there's any diamonds. This will eliminate buying impulsively by clients.

DO IT NOW! FEATURE We all know that the price of materials (gold, platinum, silver) are fluctuating by the seconds, this feature will allow our clients to take advantage every time there's a significant decrease on the price of materials in the market, as much as 50% off are normally being offered. This feature is not always available, only if being offered by v-gem jewelry and if the price of materials is significantly lower that may affect our price.

GOLD EXCHANGE You have gold from your Ancestors? Grandparents? Parents? Aunt or Uncle? Relatives? Now you can exchange your precious gold to us at current fair market value of gold. And this will deduct to the final price of your rings.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! After buying your jewelry from us and you think that it was not how you expect it to be, tell us directly and we will make it right according to your preference. No questions asked!  

GUARANTEED LOW PRICE! This unique feature enables our customer to get what they want... affordable jewelries priced according to their budget. If they have valid quotations from other jewelers we would match their price, or even lower it, or we will adjust base on customer's budget and preference. One thing we won't compromise... The QUALITY. 

WE MANUFACTURE OUR JEWELRY We manufacture much of our own jewelry - from start to finish. This lets us produce high quality jewelry at a lower cost, and we pass the savings on to you. 

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEED If you're not completely satisfied, just return the item to us and we'll offer you an exchange or refund if found gross negligence on our part.


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  • "Proven 101% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Khit masyadong metikolosa si misis naibigay pa rin ni sir Ver ang outcome na gusto nmin. This just proves how much he cares for his..."
    Calvert & Cath Giray
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  • "Wow!! Taas kamay naman talaga ko sa pagka-excellent ng mga product nyo sir!! Sobrang happy ko po.. abot gang tenga!...may isshare lang po ako sa inyo...ayaw kasi pasabi ng fianc..."
    Aldrin Dela Rosa & Lady Mailyn Ortega
    testimonial sent through viber 12 2014
  • "Hi sir Ver, sorry po s late txt msg. We just like to thank you & the VGEM for the great rings. We really like it! Thank you so much for giving your best & granting our request. ..."
    Tin Vergara & Danreb Manabat
    testimonial sent through sms 3/1/15 4:41pm

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