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Where we are

About us

  1. What is VGem Jewelry?

    VGem Jewelry stands for...

    V - stands for victory, victor, victorious, winner

    GEM - stands for jewels, or something that is absolutely great, something that is admired for its beauty or excellence. 

    From there we got the name of vgem jewelry.


    Started in a humble beginning in the year 2001, focused on customized rings for wedding, engagement and debut. We are not the traditional jewelry store. Our concept is out-of-the-box uniquely geared up towards 101% client satisfaction.

  2. Who run VGem Jewelry?

    VGem Jewelry is run by a small team of people who are devoted and have great passion in providing superb services and fully dedicated to achieve 101% client satisfactions.

  3. What is VGem Jewelry's Vision?

    VGEM Jewelry is the No.1 customized jewelry maker and the leading supplier of wedding rings, engagement rings and debutante's rings in the country.

  4. What is VGem Jewelry's Mission?

    We are a service company in covenant with God and our community; Incorporated to create niche in jewelry industry, committed to make our services supreme and unquestionable dedication with passion to give highest regard when it comes to services, execution and final output of our rings. Challenged to be instruments of positive change.

  5. What is VGem Jewelry's Commitment?

    Our commitment starts to God, our creator. That we are working because first we are servants of Him. We are doing this all for His glory. Second to our dear clients, keeping and caring their trust they bestowed on us, with a promise that we are doing our very best to meet their needs and expectations. Third to our employees, that we are working as a dynamic team, that every areas of the business are connected to each other, every area is important. Motivated to work in full capabilities, efficiency, competency, dedication, reliance, and dependability in a conducive workplace in order to achieve corporate goals and objective. Fourth to our community whom we belong, that we will be a worthy citizen of this country, willing to give a helping hand to those who are in need. Fifth and lastly, our commitment in the industry we belong that we will always effect positive change, introduce new ideas, conceptualize new business concept, and always searching for any development and improvements that will enhance or change the current systems and business concept.

    To God be the Glory

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What we do

  1. What does VGem Jewelry do?

    We provide great services for couples who are getting married and debutantes which they can count on. We only use quality materials for their rings. We also provide after-sales services to ensure that our services will not stop on making sales alone but continues even after sales.

  2. Is your company design or service oriented?

    We always say we are not a company that is design-oriented; we are a company that is SERVICE-ORIENTED. We are focusing on great service, because on great service we are giving our clienteles an edge over any other competitors. We are not focusing on design making and research that will make our company traditional and non-innovative. We prefer to innovate and become non-traditional.

  3. How do you work with clients?

    We only want the best for our clients, from our product, to the service we render, and most especially in dealing with them. We provide them with utmost assistance so that we could meet their demands. We are personally involved in design selections, costing, and finally manufacturing of their dream wedding rings so as to give them the satisfaction that they deserve. SUPERB PERSONALIZED SERVICE GEARED TOWARDS 101% CLIENT SATISFACTION.

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What we have

  1. What are the core features of VGem Jewelry?

    It is our distinctive features that make our competitor afar from us.

    CUSTOM DESIGN SERVICE This feature allows our client to choose freely on their design. Chosen design will be executed according to their preferences.

    WE MANUFACTURE OUR JEWELRY From raw materials to finished quality jewelry. This feature allows us to produce quality jewelry at lower cost and we pass the huge savings to you.

    FLEXIBLE PAYMENT TERMS Wider payment options to choose from, terms are always negotiable.

    WE GUARANTEE OUR JEWELRY  Our guarantee is on the materials we used for your jewelry, and it's lifetime!.

    RIGOROUS QUALITY CONTROL Rings has to pass through stages of meticulous quality inspections, from its materials to the final output of your ring design.

    ONE PRICE! ANY DESIGN! Only feature that gives our client a wider choices of designs. Dream wedding rings according to your preferences and budget.

    DO IT NOW! FEATURE Feature allows our client to take advantage of a significant decrease on the price of materials in the market. Offered only if the price decrease will significantly affect our price.

    AFTER-SALES SERVICES Lifetime free labor on resize, cleaning, & re-plating. Charges only occur if & only there is a materials to be added & for the chemicals use in plating.

    GOLD EXCHANGE This feature allows our client to exchange their gold at current fair market value of gold. Price will deduct to the final price.

    GUARANTEED LOW PRICE! If you have valid quotations from other jewelers we would match their price ,or even lower it, or we will adjust base on the customers’ budget and preference.

    SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! If the rings you purchased from us doesn’t meet your expectation, we will change it according to your preferences, until you finally approve it!

    MONEY-BACK GUARANTEED If you’re not still completely satisfied, we will offer you an exchange or refund!

    These unique features enable our customer to get what they want… affordable jewelries priced according to their budget. One thing we won’t compromise…. The QUALITY.

  2. Why VGem Jewelry? and not any other jewellers.

    At VGem Jewelry you are the Boss! We are just an executioner of your design. Customization at its best... gives you all the freedom to choose which materials to be used, what finishing suited to your design, what width ideally fitted to your finger and what thickness your budget will endure. If you're not 101% satisfied with our service we offer money back guarantee.

    One more thing we manufacture our jewelry in a place where in production supplies and manpower are very accessible thus, giving us less labor cost and production cost and we do not maintain any showroom/store in malls or in a big establishment in a city what we have are sales offices in different key areas in the metro, thus, giving us less rental/overhead. Hence, we produce high quality jewelry at a lower cost because of our much lower overhead.

    We are not the traditional over-the-counter jewelry store, our concept is out-of-the-box, non-traditional, and uniquely geared up to make your customized jewelry more affordable without compromising the quality…which is our primary objective…to give you quality jewelry at affordable cost.

  3. Do you have warranty on your products?

    Yes. We do have warranty on our products. Every jewelry that is manufactured by VGem Jewelry is covered by lifetime limited warranty. Not only on its finished but on the standard alloying of the materials we used to give our clients a peace of mind that they would be getting quality and the best possible customized wedding rings/engagement rings that only VGem jewelry can give.

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Where we are

  1. Where is VGem Jewelry located?

    Our admin office is located at

    Unit E Emilyville Subdivision,

    Malhacan Road, Meycauayan City


    (Please be informed that we are not entertaining customers/clients in our admin office. All appointments and meetings will be done at our sales offices to serve you more conveniently.)

    Sales offices:

    Themes & Motifs

    Makati Shangri-La Hotel

    Ayala Avenue Makati City


    The Wedding Library

    3rd Level, Main Building SM City North Edsa


    The Wedding Library

    5th Floor, Building B SM Megamall 

  2. Can i reach VGem Jewelry?

    Yes! Definitely you can reach us! That’s why we have ads for various wedding magazines, we have websites, sales offices, and affiliation from various reputable one-stop wedding shop in the metro and wedding websites in the Philippines.

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How to order

  1. How can i order?

    You can book your order through phone, website, fairs and exhibits, meet-ups, or visiting us through appointment at our sales offices.

    We encourage clients to fill up our inquiry form for initial processing of your orders. 

  2. What are the details needed for ordering?

    For us to estimate the price we need the following specifications:

    1. Finger Sizes
    2. Preferred Width
    3. Preferred Thickness
    4. Preferred Diamond/s to be used. (if any)
    If you don't have any idea regarding the specs please call us now, our sales professionals would be happy to assist you.
  3. Can i request quotation via email or phone?

    NO! We discourage this setup because we want our service be more personal, we want to meet our couples personally and discuss to them the details of their dream wedding rings and to explain our core features. Because VGem Jewelry believes that every couples’ rings is a masterpiece, we need to sit down and discuss how we would make their rings a masterpiece suited to their idea, preference and choice. We encourage our couple to book an appointment to discuss their dream wedding rings thoroughly.

  4. Do you have a catalog?

    Yes we have a design catalog for design suggestions only, more than a hundred design to choose from, but we strongly encourage couples to exert extra effort in finding their own design, besides this is a once in a lifetime event of their lives. It's always good to know that your wedding rings was design or carefully chosen by both of you and forever in your fingers, after you say "i do".

  5. How long will it take for the production of the ring?

    The production depends on the material used. For GOLD, a production period of two to three weeks is allotted. While for PLATINUM, it will take two months production period because of its unavailability in the Philippine market. Please bear in mind that additional time is allotted for quality assurance.

  6. Where can we pick-up our rings?

    You can pick it up in our sales offices in different reputable wedding one-stop-shop in the metro, home delivery is discouraged for security reasons.

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How to contact us

  1. What are your contact nos.?

    Contact Nos.

    Landline Nos. + / +

    Mobile Nos. +63.917.825.84.36

  2. What is your website and email address?

    Website: www.vgemjewelry.com


    Email Address:

    [email protected]


    [email protected]


    [email protected]


  3. Do you entertain meet-ups?

    Yes! For the convenience and comfort of our clienteles we do meet-ups, personalized service at its best! Our sales professionals are more than willing to come and assist you when and where you want it to take place. However, please be informed that meetings at home are discouraged for security purposes.

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How to make payments

  1. What are the payment facilities available?

    VGem Jewelry always finds a way to give our clients an easy access to payments facility. Thus, we are giving our clients different choices of making payment at VGem Jewelry.

    1. Through Cash (only authorized staff can accept cash payments)

    2. Through Checks (sales staff and authorized staff can accept check payments)

    3. Through Credit Cards (this payment facility is made possible through Themes & Motifs)

    4. Through Inter-Branch Bank Deposit. Please find hereunder bank details.

    BDO - SM Marilao Branch

    C/A No. 1848009158

    Acct. Name: Virgilio C. Miranda


    BDO - SM North Edsa C Branch

    C/A No. 4058013332

    Acct. Name: customizedRing, corp.


    BPI - SM Megamall Branch

    S/A No. 2429118908

    Acct. Name: Virgilio C. Miranda


  2. What are your terms of payment?

    Normally our terms of payment are 50% down payment, and 50% Cash On Delivery. However, because of our aim to provide our clienteles a more flexible payment options we also accept checks, layaway scheme, inter-branch bank deposits, and credit card payments (for down payment only as much as possible). Moreover, payment terms with us is always negotiable.

  3. Do you offer layaway scheme or installment plan?

    Yes! We offer layaway scheme. This scheme is best for those soon-to-wed couples who has more time and preparing their wedding ahead of time. Book your order to us for at least Php 2,000.00 or 10% of the quoted price whichever is higher and your layaway term is up to six (6) months with no service charge or interest. 

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All about ring specifications

  1. What are the available materials?

    The materials used depend on the preference of our clients. Nowadays here in the Philippines, the most in demand materials used are SILVER, GOLD, and PLATINUM. When it comes to gold, they can choose among WHITE GOLD, YELLOW GOLD and ROSE GOLD in different karats. Karats are available in 14K and 18K depends on client’s preference. We also do 8K, 10K, and 12K for the budgeted rings. While Platinum, 900 & 950 are being used depend on client's requirements.

  2. Where does your material come from?

    Our gold supply is source locally because we have so many gold mines in our country. While platinum is source abroad because it is not available in our local market. Diamonds are also source abroad.

  3. How do we get our sizes?

    During the appointment meeting with us, we will bring our ring sizer for us to get your sizes. However, if abroad or nearby provinces and personal visit is not possible, we encourage couple/client to get their sizes online. these are the websites that you can visit for more information regarding the size.



  4. How do we decide on the width of our ring?

    Width of the rings is usually proportioned to the size of the finger. The bigger the size of the finger the wider the width it requires. Some width depends on the design of the rings. But still the width to be used should still depend on the preference of the client.

  5. How about the thickness?

    The standard thickness we do is 1.3mm. This thickness is enough for the rings to be used lifetime and may be upgraded to have a diamond. Also available in 1.5mm, 2.0mm, up to 2.5mm depends on client’s requirements. We also do in 1.0mm thickness for the budgeted rings.

  6. What are the types of finished you do?

    Finished should come in different types. Common types we do are rough finished which we often called matte or satin finished and the polished type finished which leave the rings shiny. There are also some different types of finished such as hammered, sunblast, etc.. We do all types of finished as long as it can be done manually.

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