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At VGEM Jewelry we believe that our client's love stories are like nobody else's. Which is why their rings should be too! We are the No.1 Customized jewelry maker in the Philippines and the only genuine jeweler in the country to offer the made-to-order concept for engagement and wedding ring jewelry. Our pricing is based on clients' preferred specs. Our business service model is an intimate and personal collaboration between us and our clients that deliver 100% satisfaction and more! Since love is not one to be hurried, so does creating our clients' perfect rings. Our clients deserve time to discuss, design and create their own iconic symbol of love because engagement and wedding rings are lifetime symbols that will be worn by the couple after their wedding ceremonies and until the rest of their lives. A wedding ring is not a simple jewelry, it is of sentimental value that should be personalized and be given extra passion, effort and attention. After all, it is a couple's symbol of love and commitment. So, it is just right to splurge on it and ensure that what you wear around your finger is something that you will wear for the rest of your life!





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