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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your field of specialization?

A: Due to the thriving industry in the wedding sector here and abroad, we are now

directing our resources and knowledge to customized quality wedding rings and

engagement rings.

Q: Do you personally attend to your clients? How do you render your services?

A: Yes. We only want the best for our clients, from our product, to the service we render and

most specially, in dealing with them. We provide them with our utmost assistance so that

we could meet their demands. We are personally involved in design selection and its

costing, and finally, manufacturing of their dream wedding rings so as to give them the

satisfaction that they deserve.

Q: What is your difference to the other jewelers specializing on wedding rings and

engagement rings?

A: We manufacture our jewelry in a place wherein production supplies and manpower are

very accessible thus, giving us less labor cost and production cost and we do not maintain any showroom/store in malls or in a big establishment in a city. Hence, we produce high quality jewelry at a lower cost because of our much lower overhead. We are not the traditional over-the-counter jewelry store, our concept is out-of-the-box, non-traditional, and uniquely geared up to make your customized jewelry more affordable without compromising the quality…which is our primary objective…to give you quality jewelry at affordable cost.

Q: We want to avail your service, what should we do first?

A: The first thing you should do is to schedule an appointment with us by giving us a call, and

if you cannot reach us thru telephone call, simply text us and we will call you up. You may

contact us at our telephone numbers below. You can also leave a message to this

site page. Rest assured that we will be attending to you the soonest time possible.

Q: What are the freebies, discounts, and promos that you offer?

A: During our exhibits, you can avail of 10% to 20% discount! Not only that, it also goes with

the following:

Lifetime Guarantee on Material/s used - giving you a peace of mind that only quality materials are being used.

Lifetime Free Labor on Resize, Cleaning and Plating - After-sales services you can count on.

We also offer promos other than those offered during exhibit, and this will be announce through email blasting and texting. And to those site members we also offer special discount to them from time to time.

Q: Will it cost us less if we purchase a pair of wedding rings to you?

A: Yes. We have a unique feature that enables our clients to get what they want… affordable

jewelries priced according to their budget. If they have valid quotations from other jewelers, we will match their price, or even lower it, or we will adjust base on clients’ budget and preference. One thing we will not compromise… the QUALITY.

Q: What are your best selling types of wedding ring?

A: Our best selling types of wedding ring are those with flat designs but the classic designs

are still sought out by the others.       

Q: How can we purchase online? Or do you have online bookings? A: We are still making further developments on this part for your convenience. As soon as it

is ready and implemented, we will be announcing it to you.

Q: Where are your offices located?

Main Office: Makati Sales Office:

V-GEM Jewelry Themes & Motifs - The Special Events Co.

Unit 821 8F City & Land Mega Plaza Makati Shangri-la

Bldg., ADB Ave. c or. Garnet Rd., Ayala Ave., Makati City

Ortigas Ctr., Pasig City Philippines Philippines

Tel: +63.2.474.35.93 Tel: +63.2.818.97.94

Mobile No. : +63922861VGEM Mobile No.: +63.922.891VGEM

Q: Do you have a store/showroom in malls that we can visit?

A: We do not maintain any showroom/store in malls or in a big establishment in a city.

What we have are sales offices in different one-stop shop wedding boutique in the metro.

We also schedule appointments with our clients so that we could render our services to

them personally. The BIG advantage of this is that we incur less overhead and we pass the

savings to our dear clients. 

Q: How do you inform the public regarding the exhibits you are participating with?

A: You can keep up with our events by visiting our website. We make sure that we have it

updated from time to time to inform our dear clients of our upcoming activities. This is to

keep them posted so that they can avail of our freebies, promos, and discounts which is

usually given away during exhibits.  

Q: How long does it take for you to deliver the wedding rings?

A: The production depends on the material used. For GOLD, a production period of two to

three weeks is allotted while for PLATINUM, it will take two months for it to be produced

because of its unavailability in the Philippine market. Please bear in mind that additional

time is allotted for quality assurance.

Q: Do you accept credits cards?

A: Yes, we have plans for accepting credit cards. We will be announcing it as soon as it is


Q: What are your terms of payment?

A: Normally our terms of payment are 50% down payment, and 50% Cash On Delivery.

However, because of our aim to provide our clientele a more flexible payment options we

also accept checks, and interbranch deposits, and soon we will be accepting credit cards

for payments.

For INTERBRANCH DEPOSIT here's our authorized account, please also be informed

that we do not honor any deposits/payments done not using these accounts.

BDO - SM Marilao Branch BDO - Robinsons Galleria Branch

C/A No. 1848009158 S/A No. 4950302607 Acct. Name: V-GEM ENTERPRISES Acct. Name: Virgilio C. Miranda

BPI - SM Megamall Branch

S/A No. 2429118908

Acct. Name: Virgilio C. Miranda

Q: Do you offer layaway scheme? Or installment payments?

A: Yes. We offer layaway scheme. This scheme is best for those soon-to-wed couples who

has more time and preparing their wedding ahead of time. Book your order to us for only

Php 2,000.00 and your layaway term is up to the last month before your wedding month, with no service charge or interest. 

Q: After buying our engagement rings or wedding rings to you, where can we pick up? Or do

you offer free deliveries?

A: Yes. You can pick it up in our sales offices in Ortigas and Makati. We also offer free

delivery if you are within the vicinity of Metro Manila.    

Q: How can you assure your clients that your product is of high quality standard?

A: Our experts carefully inspect each wedding rings and engagement rings its individual

stones and mounting to ensure that they meet our meticulous quality standards.

Q: What are the different materials you are using in your products?

A: The materials used depend on the preference of our clients. Nowadays here in the

Philippines, the most in demand materials used are SILVER, GOLD, and PLATINUM. When

it comes to gold, they can choose from WHITE GOLD, YELLOW GOLD and ROSE GOLD.

Platinum is also used 900 & 950 are being used depend on client's requirements.

Q: Do you have warranty on your products?

A: Yes. All jewelries manufactured by v-gem jewelry are covered by lifetime limited

warranty. We also give warranty on the materials used not only on jewelry finishes, to

give our clients peace of mind that they would be getting quality, standard alloying and

the best possible customized wedding rings/engagement rings that only v-gem jewelry

can give.  

Q: Do you have After-Sales Services?

A: Yes! our commitment does not stop on making sales alone, but we continue our services

even after sales. We offer lifetime free labor on resize, cleaning and plating. We also

 have free upgrade on your wedding rings and engagement rings.

Q: What is a Karat?

A: Karat is the unit used to measure the purity of Gold. The purity of gold is measured in

Karats on a scale from 1 to 24 Karats, most all gold has alloys added to it to give strength, firmness, and durability. 24 Karat is .9999 fine gold. Added alloys change the composition of gold, and hence the purity levels decrease the moment other metals are added. With gemstones the composition is what it is, therefore gemstones do not require a scale for composition. Gemstones are measured purely by weight-Carat.

Q: What is a Carat?

A: Carat is the unit used to measure weight of a Gemstone. 1ct = 200mg

Q: How do we measure the weight of gold?

A: By troy ounces that is how all and only precious metals are weighed.

Q: Which is better, 14 Karat or 18 Karat gold?

A: Here in the Philippines we have two standards 14K and 18K, the higher the gold content

the richer in tone, heavier in weight and the price more expensive. And also the hardness

or malleability of gold the higher the karat the softness it become. Practical wise, we

recommend 14K standard alloying gold, because of its just right malleability. You can

wear it for everyday use because wedding rings and engagement rings should be worn

daily and for life.

Q: Where does your gold supply come from?

A: Gold is abundant here in the Philippines; we have so many gold mines here, so we source

it locally.

Q: Where does your diamond supply come from?

A: Our diamonds came from our source abroad. We are not using diamonds that came from

illegal activity, terrorist funding or those that are popularly known as “blood diamonds”.

Q: What are the other types of service that you render aside from customized wedding rings?

A: We also render services like jewelry repair, jewelry redesign, made to orders, resize,

stone setting, engraving and electroplating.

We accept orders for different kinds of jewelries like Pendants, Earrings, Rings, Anklets, Bracelets, and Necklaces.

We also accommodate special orders (e.g Company Rings, College Rings, Club Rings, Association Rings, Company Promo, and Corporate Giveaways.)   

Q: How can i be sure that the wedding rings/engagement rings that we have had customized

is really made of gold?

A: That is a very common question for we are all aware that in our industry there are some

jewelers who would exchange their soul for temporary monetary gain, here at v-gem

jewelry, it is our pride to assure you that our alloying standard is base on international

accepted procedures. We will not do anything to harm our name in exchange for

momentary gain, because we envision ourselves in a long term business that would be

continued on to the next generations of v-gem management.  

Q: What if we are not satisfied with your product?

A: After buying your product from us and you think that it was not how you expect it to be,

tell us directly and we will make it right according to your preference, no questions

asked! And if you are still not completely satisfied, just return the item to us and we will

offer you an exchange if found gross negligence on our part. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

For more inquiry please call us 02.474.35.93

Email us:

Text us: +63.917.825.VGEM(8436)

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