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VGEM Couples: Two-of-a-kind

It is real. Somewhere out there in the midst of the millions of people around the world, there are pairs of souls waiting for their destiny to come together and be one. Each one to bring the missing puzzle that will finally complete each other. Two different people with separate lives, separated by time, distance and people, will finally be joined together in friendship and united forever in love!

Let their story of coming together in love and marriage be an inspiration to us and a beacon of hope that Love exists and Forever is possible when you believe and work hard enough together to earn it. Love and Marriage is a beautiful and wonderful blessing. Truly, couples who have found these are Two-Of-A-Kind…

Featured Couple - Mr. & Mrs. Raffy Tima & Mariz Umali

Raffy Tima and Mariz Umali - A Reporter's Wedding

Article courtesy of

by Danielle Sebastian

December 2012

We have always seen Raffy Tima and Mariz Umali talking about the latest news live on TV. But this December, Raffy and Mariz became the hot topic in the news when said their "I do's" in Sanctuario de San Jose in San Juan.

 Raffy & Mariz Wedding

Photo by Nice Phint Photography 

The Love Story

Raffy and Mariz met when they crossed paths in GMA7 in 2001. Raffy was then already a news reporter while Mariz was simply an intern. As time passed, the couple became friends. Back then, Raffy already admired Mariz but he was careful not to make a move because Mariz had a boyfriend. It was only when Mariz and her ex-boyfriend had broken up that Raffy decided to court her.

Starting 2009, Raffy courted Mariz for a year. Their friendship blossomed and on January 1, 2012, Raffy proposed to Mariz at a dinner party.

In a recent interview with the Philippine Entertainment Portal (, Mariz shared the traits she liked in Raffy. "He is really kind-hearted, very intelligent, and sensible. Has a great sense of humor and a perfect gentleman. He is truly God's answer to my prayer, "Mariz admitted that she has long been praying for the right man to come along. "Para sa akin, prayer is very powerful na parang He wil answer all your wishes, your dreams. Parang without me knowing, nandiyan lang pala sa tabi ko. Katrabaho ko lang pala. ["For me, prayer is very powerful like He will answer all your wishes, your dreams. Without me knowing, he was already beside me. He was a colleague."]

 Raffy & Mariz Wedding

Photo by Nice Phint Photography 

The Wedding 

The wedding of Raffy and Mariz was a simple,elegant and intimate affair with family, friends and friends from the industry. The reception had a fairytale and magical wedding vibe with the tent decorated like a Victorian Holiday palace in pink and purple tones. Reception tables were decorated with rustic vases with pink and purple flowers and vintage candleholders. The vases of the flowers were covered with photos of Raffy and Mariz. And even their wedding cake was all white with vintage accents.

The wedding gown of Mariz Umali further highlighted Mariz's classic beauty. Her gown paired with her detailed sleeves was perfectly feminine and elegant without being too conservative or bare. The female entourage wore dresses in pink hues. 

 Raffy & Mariz Wedding

Photo by Nice Phint Photography 

Their principal sponsors including Mike Enriquez, Mel Tiangco, Vicky Morales, Arnold Clavio, Manny Pacquiao and Atty. Felipe Gozon, gave the couple heartwarming messages and wishes.

All of their family and friends were very happy to see two good, smart and talented people in love. Even Charisse Tinio of Nice Print Photography loved working with the reporter couple. "They are very down to earth, very sweet and appreciative. Mariz as a bride is a very hands on bride - she knew all the details that she wanted for her wedding."

The Nice Print team were even mentioned and thanked by Mariz after their on-site wedding video was shown. Mariz said "Didn't you just like the videos that Nice Print did!? These are the same people behind the Zoren-Carmina wedding!" The Nice Print team is once again honored to be the official photo and video team for this celebrity wedding.

 Raffy & Mariz Wedding

Photo by Nice Phint Photography 

In the end, we are all happy to see friendships blossom into love and marriage especially when good, honest people are involved. Congratulations and best wishes to Raffy Tima and Mariz Umali from!


Raffy Tima and Mariz Umali on Wedding Rings

Truly they are two-of-a-kind two different people constantly searching for each other. Each one being the missing puzzles that will finally complete each other.

With the nature of their job as a news reporter, catching their time is not as easy as a common couple we have served before. But dealing with them probably is one of the most memorable experience for us (not to mention that we are a fan :D). We understand the difficulty of their schedule, so as what the company always do to our clients; we want to make them feel comfortable and always special. Since going to a jewelry store is a hard time for them, we bring the jewelry store for them.

It started when we received a phone call from Raffy Tima and ask to set an appointment with us. To make the story short, on that same day in the evening, we met them at their work place at GMA network in Kamuning. We haven’t thought that the deal would be as easy as that. The couple is very much humble and accommodating, they never make us feel intimidated with them. After a few minutes of conversation, the deal was done. We also found out that they are looking for us since then. And as Mariz Umali said that night, that meeting is a divine intervention.

We met several times for the fitting of Mariz Umali’s ring since the design of hers was customized to fit-in in her engagement ring. It is like an ‘M’ shape flat band, studded with 12 brilliant diamonds. While Raffy Tima’s ring is a simple matte finish flat band which we believe represents the simplicity of his personality. In the short period of time dealing with them, we have witnessed how this lovely couple is so in love with each other. And we are proud that we are chosen to make the symbol of their love that they will be wearing for the rest of their lives. To Raffy Tima and Mariz Umali, Thank you for trusting the number one (1) customized jewelry maker in the country! Congratulations and best wishes! From all of us here at V-Gem Jewelry.

As a final note we would to like to share their testimonial...

"We only chanced upon V-Gem Jewelry at one of the many wedding fairs Mariz and I attended. We thought we lost their number, but thankfully we were able to contact them. And boy was that a blessing. The rings they made for us are simple yet very elegant, classy and at the same time sophisticated. They were so easy to deal with too, which made the whole experience of choosing and designing a magnificent wedding ring truly memorable. Thank you V-Gem."

                                                                                                                                                                                Raffy Tima & Mariz

 Umali, Journalists 

Once again Mr. Raffy Tima and Ms. Mariz Umali, now Mr. & Mrs. Raffy Tima our endless gratitude goes with you! Thank you so much! 

Featured Couple - Mr. & Mrs. Pia & Jem Piedra

Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice but for those who love, time is eternity.

                                                                                                                                                  - Henry Van Dyke

I was a junior in Benedictine Abbey School (now called San Beda Alabang) when I started listening to music likes of Metallica and Slayer, the kind of music that my parents did not really appreciate. So when I heard that Metallica was having a concert in Manila, I did not let the opportunity of seeing them live pass me by.

 It was April 17, 1993 at the Ultra Football Stadium. And seeing Metallica live for the first and probably the last time was just awesome. What is more interesting is that after the show, I saw Hanzel, a senior friend from Bene, along with a couple of his friends, whose familiar faces from our school required only nodding head to imply, “Hi”.

I was in school that same summer, probably for card distribution. Hanzel was there and again with these familiar faces. I was formally introduced, this time, to a boy named Jeremy (Bong to his family and friends). We smiled and talked and shared a common interest in music. From that day on, we knew we were meant to be together. We were inseparable. He visited me at home everyday; and when I started college in DLSU – College of Saint Benilde, he fetched me everyday after my classes. He had my name literally marked on him forever thru tattoo. For almost two years we were very happy in each other’s company. He was my best friend, I called him my Jem.

Everything was perfect until reality reminded us of the fact that he and his family will migrate to Canada very soon. On May 26, 1995, I drove him to the airport and gave him my last kiss and hug. The sight of him walking away broke my heart. Although we made a promise to each other that I would follow him after I graduate from college, the indefinite time that we will be apart was an unbearable wait.

Right after Jem left, Pollie kept me company. She’s a Shih Tzu that Jem and I adopted before he migrated. This cute fur ball of sweetness always reminded me that Jem will forever be close to my heart. She was always beside me whenever I cried. Jem and I wrote letters, sent pictures and had chances to talk on the phone only once a month. Mind you, back then the internet wasn’t as widely used as it is today, nor did phone cards existed. We were contented with the thrill of receiving postal mail and waiting for that monthly phone call. These continued on until February 28, 1997. I can clearly remember the last line I said to him, the line that would probably haunt me for the rest of my life. “I’m sorry I met someone else.” Then I hung up. From that day on, I never heard from him again.

I met this other guy (let’s just keep him anonymous) in a part-time stint I did in a paging company while I was doing my undergraduate thesis. He seemed nice. We had common things going on, as well. My boyfriend migrated abroad after we dated for two years in Manila and we spent another two years for long-distance relationship. This new guy went through the same relationship with his girlfriend.

The new guy and I had a whirlwind relationship. The next thing we knew, we were married and had our beautiful daughter the following year. Isabella kept us together regardless of our immaturity and inconsistencies, among other things. I would have though that being dead is better than being in that marriage. This went on for ten years and finally in early 2007, I had the courage to let go and be a single mom.

Meanwhile, Pollie was getting old and weak, but I kept telling her “Don’t go yet Pollie, I still need you.”

I got my annulment two years after. It was tough, but with God’s grace, Isabella’s great personality, Pollie’s sweetness and the unselfish support from my family and dear friends, we were able to make it through.

Meanwhile, I heard from a friend that Jem was in a ten-year relationship, as well. It was a serious relationship but he never found himself proposing marriage. They had their share of ups and downs, at times about my tattooed name on him; but he never wanted it taken off. In early 2007, he went back to Manila with his sister for a short vacation.

He went to visit our village but never went to our street. He did not call either. He left for Canada a few weeks after and continued his relationship with his long-time girlfriend. In mid-2008, he realized the relationship was not going anywhere and that he needed time and space for himself. He broke up with his girlfriend and started dating after a couple of months, but never found love.

Jem and I were both lost in our own both separate worlds. He kept himself busy with work and gigs of his rock band, The Cripple Creek Fairies; while I preoccupied myself with work and my daughter. It was New Year’s Day of 2009 when I told Pollie, “It’s ok. I’m ok.”

On March 17, 2009, three days shy from Pollie’s 14th birthday, she went to heaven. This devastated me but I know it is God’s will to let Pollie’s body finally rest.

My daughter and I spent one weekend of April in my parents’ retirement home near Tagaytay. She asked me if she can surf the internet in the nearby internet shop. I hesitantly said yes and watched over her for a while. A computer beside her was free, so I sat and started to surf myself. I checked my Facebook and there he was my long-lost best friend and ex-boyfriend Jem, with a friend request. I accepted and we started chatting immediately. From then on, we were again inseparable through the virtual world. Time and distance did not matter anymore as the technology and phone cards kept us bonded. We just picked-up from where we left in 1997, just as if nothing happened in between. Only this time, we were talking about tying the knot.

I was meeting his mom for lunch at Sonya’s Garden. My daughter was with me and so were my parents. Again, an eerie feeling sank in. This time it’s because everyone had their digital cameras with them. His mother started talking but I was feeling distracted. It took only a few steps, a lot of happy tears, and one big hug. Jem proposed marriage for the first time in his life. Suddenly the fourteen years between us just disappeared.

His two-week vacation caught me by surprise. Good thing I only had one day of work left since I tendered my resignation a month prior to his surprise arrival. He bonded with my daughter and she completely adores him. We reminisced on memories on what seemed like only yesterday.

We did not waste time and visited Weddings and Beyond in NBC Tent. Soon after, we were able to book most of our suppliers for our wedding rings, photographer, videographer and coordinators. His two-week vacation ended so quickly, and I had to see him off again at the airport. Only this time, we knew that our wait would only have to last for a couple of months. Barely three months after, he came back and we busied ourselves for the final wedding details.

December 3, 2009 was the date that ended our sixteen-year wait and started our happy life together forever. My dream was finally coming true. I was marrying the man I truly love. Isabella, my maid-of-honor held my hand as we walk the aisle of white calla lilies and roses and handed me over to my Jem, my best friend and one true love.

“Who would have thought that the boy behind me in the Metallica concert would be the man I will spend the rest of my life?”

Our special thanks to:

V-Gem Jewelry for our wedding rings which Jem and I designed with professional inputs of owner Ver and Gemma

 Source: Weddings and Beyond Magazine, Third Issue 2010, page 229-230.

Featured Couple - Mr. & Mrs. Lesly & Miselle Bergonia

From a simple friendship to a life-long commitment…   

“Love is like a friendship caught on fire: In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our love mature and our love become as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.

- Bruce Lee

Miselle and Lesly met at the University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus wherein the latter, being a sports-minded type of guy, was one of the varsity players of UP Maroons. They were classmates since their first year in college and established a close friendship that started it all.

Together with their circle of friends, they would hangout and do the usual stuff with them – eating, watching movies, and the like. During their free time, they would play badminton, jog or go out of town. Among their group of friends, they were the closest to each other mainly because they were just comfortable together but still the relationship was purely platonic, in fact each being a confidant of the other. They even knew each other’s ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend and would be each other’s confidant. Little did they know that God has a wonderful plan for them.

Their relationship as friends took flight when they graduated in college. Lesly and Miselle became closer when they spent more time together both being jobless for a year after college. Lesly’s sense of humor, sensibility and gentle nature finally made its way to Miselle’s heart. If asked about the most memorable thing that Lesly did for her, it was when she was out of the country and her dear Homer (her Labrador Retriever dog) suddenly fell ill. Lesly took good care of Homer like his own, bringing him to the vet everyday.

Like any other couple, they also have their own share of ups and downs. There was a time in their relationship when they broke up due to lack of time for each other. They were separated for almost six months but were quickly reconciled. Want to bet on who among the two raised the white flag first? According to Lesly, it was Miselle but according to her it was Lesly! So dear readers, I’ll leave the judgment to you…

Out of boredom, Miselle sent a group message asking her friends to go out with her but unfortunately, none of her friends replied to her message except…Lesly! They talked over the phone and finally decided to go out together. That was how they find their way back into each other’s arms again. Well, it’s a fact that was still argued by the two every time they were asked on who surrendered first.

They officially became a couple on April 16, 2002 wherein their relationship as boyfriend/girlfriend lasted for five years before they decided to get engaged. Lesly popped the big question at the airport at 5am the day Miselle came back from a 15-hour flight. Lesly hurriedly put on the ring to her and asked her to marry him! The guard was at their side by then, asking them to live the premises for they were at the arrival area. Miselle was quite speechless even when they were inside the car. When they were nearing her house, the first thing that she uttered was “Totoo ba ‘to?” while scrutinizing the ring for she was still mentally absent by that time due to lack of sleep, fatigue and shock from the engagement. Lesly nervously giggled while saying “Oo naman no!” Soon they found themselves laughing at Miselle’s reaction to his proposal.

After the engagement, Lesly visited the family home of Miselle for the Pamanhikan - the traditional Filipino ceremony wherein the groom’s family asks the bride’s family for her hand in marriage. Soon after, Miselle had her Despedida de Soltera saying goodbye to her single-hood. Their engagement was celebrated together with their close friends and family.

 In finding their dream wedding ring…

Our couple met every weekend to visit suppliers regarding the things needed for the preparation of their wedding. Unlike the other couples, they did not hire a wedding coordinator to organize their wedding. They wanted to be the ones to do the preparations even on the smallest details and this was because they wanted to add personal touch in every details of their wedding. Miselle contacted Mrs. Gemma, who happens to be an acquaintance of her, the proprietress of V-GEM JEWELRY and scheduled an appointment with her. The soon to wed couple together with Mrs. Gemma and Mr. Ver met at Starbucks Café near Makati Shangri-La and discussed about their wedding rings. They showed their personal design on how they want their wedding rings to look like. They exchanged opinions and closed the deal afterwards. Here is what the couple said upon receiving their dream wedding rings:

       We are quite satisfied with the service rendered to us by V-GEM JEWELRY. They were very professional in dealing with us all throughout. They are very truthful with their clients in a way that they will be honest with you regarding the budget. They will match your budget just to give you your dream wedding ring. The quality of their product is superb, even at a reasonable price. They even exceed the quality of their product to satisfy the demands of their customers. With V-GEM, you can be assured that you are dealing with the right persons and that your wedding rings are on the right hands…


to the couple our heartfelt thanks.... v-gem jewelry 

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