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The VGEM Mark: Our 14 Awesome Features

The VGEM Mark are our Core Features that make us stand out from the rest and preferred by many!

CUSTOM DESIGN SERVICE. If you can describe it, we can get and make it! Our account executives are dedicated to finding special items for our customers - there's no limit to our resources and dedication. Any design from the internet, magazine, catalog or personal design, we can do it! The design will be executed based on client's preferences and will be handled by our experienced craftsmen and pass through our meticulous quality process.

WE GUARANTEE OUR JEWELRY. We issue a certificate of authenticity for Diamonds. All other materials are covered by lifetime guarantee, but, diamonds are not included- because of the nature of the ring and its normal usage which makes the diamond in the ring prone to loss and damages. However, if you ever lose a stone because of any faulty mounting, we will replace it free! If due to gross negligence on the part of the owner and the jewelry loses its finish, we have a better alternative solution for you...our after-sales services!

AFTER-SALES SERVICES. Yes! our precious jewelry is covered by an amazing after-sales service feature! We give lifetime free labor on resizing, cleaning and plating. For resizing, from original size to bigger, we only charge the cost of additional materials used and at a discounted rate. If from original to smaller, the materials cut from the ring are returned to clients for future use. We also charge at a discounted rate the cost chemical to be used in plating. All the labor cost for the resizing, re-polishing, refinishing, inspecting of mountings, cleaning ang plating are lifetime free!

FLEXIBLE PAYMENT TERMS. Cash, Checks, Bank Deposits, Credit Cards and Layaway, these are the available payment options you can choose from. Terms of payment will also depend on the budget and availability of funds of our clients. And we are always open to negotiation to best serve you. Sounds great, right?!

RIGOROUS QUALITY CONTROL. Our experts carefully inspects each ring during the production process. From the individual stones to mounting to ensure that they meet our meticulous quality standards.

ONE PRICE ANY DESIGN! This unique feature which is exclusive to us enables our clients to choose their designs from the internet, magazine, personal designs and catalog or any other sources the client prefers. Unlimited designs are within your reach! As long as the design chosen is doable manually and suits to your agreed specs. This will eliminate buying on impulse by clients. For pricing of each ring, we base the computation on the sizes, width, thickness, and diamonds if any.

DO IT NOW! We all know that the price of materials (gold, platinum, silver) are fluctuating by the second. This feature will allow our clients to take advantage of the opportunity every time there's a significant decrease on the price of materials in the market (as much as 50% off are often offered). This feature is only available if offered by VGEM jewelry or if the price of materials are significantly lower to affect pricing..

GOLD EXCHANGE. If you have gold from your family heritage like from your grandparents, parents, aunt or uncle and others, now you can exchange your precious gold to us at the current fair market value of gold. The appraised value will be deducted to the final price of your rings.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! After buying your jewelry from us and you think that it was not how you expected it to be, tell us directly and we will make it right according to your preference and desires. No questions asked!

GUARANTEED LOW PRICE! This unique feature enables our customer to get what they want-affordable jewelries priced according to their budget. If you have valid quotations from other jewelers, we can match their price, or even offer you a lower price. We can even have a completely new budget based on customer's budget and preference. But, rest assured, one thing we won't compromise is The QUALITY!

WE MANUFACTURE OUR JEWELRY. We manufacture much of our own jewelry - from start to finish. This lets us produce high quality jewelry at a lower cost, so, we pass the huge savings to you!

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEED. If you're not completely satisfied with your rings because of any gross negligence on our part, just return the item to us and we'll offer you an exchange or refund.

RING MIMEO. We keep a permanent file of your original ring design. In case of loss, damage, deformity or other reasons, we can give your ring back its original brand new look at no cost.

VGEM INSURE. There is no need to worry about whatever happens to your rings. We have a lifetime insurance coverage for them. Full replacement at no cost!

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