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How to Create My Own Wedding Rings

How to Create My Own Wedding Rings

Tiesha Whatley


Step 1:  Decide when you would like the rings to be made. To ensure you have the rings before the wedding day, allow enough time for them to be made.

Step 2:  Decide on a design together. Since the wedding rings will be worn by both the bride and groom, this decision should be made by both. If you want the surprise element, design each others rings and keep them hidden until the wedding ceremony.

Step 3:  Browse jewelry catalogs for design ideas. This is a good starting point when trying to design the wedding rings you desire.

Step 4:  Visit a jeweler. Find a jeweler that allows you to design your own ring. Have the jeweler show you his store catalog for more ideas. Ask her about "mix and match" options. There may be design elements of several different rings that you would like to incorporate into your rings.

Step 5:  Choose the bands. Decide on yellow gold, white gold or platinum for the metal. Keep the engagement ring in mind; you would want to complement it with the right type of band.

Step 6:  Choose the width of the band. Choose from 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm or 8mm. And your desired thickness from .5 to 3mm.

Step 7:  Choose the band's profile. This is how it is shaped. Choose from among flat, court and D-shaped.

Step 8:  Choose a finish for the band's polishing. Your choices are polished, brushed or frosted. Have the jeweler show you an example of how each polishing technique looks on a completed product.

Step 9:  Choose any other design aspects for the bands. Decide if you want contemporary, diamond, classic or handcrafted designs on the band. You can also have the band inset, inlaid or diagonally grooved.

Step 10:  Add engraving. Most couples add the wedding date and/or a special message. Jewelers charge per letter for engraving. Remember this when you are picking an inscription.

Step 11:  After you have decided on all of the aspects of the band, communicate this completely to the jeweler so that there aren't any misunderstandings.


If you don't have time to design your wedding bands before the wedding, there's still time. Another good occasion to design wedding rings is during anniversaries.  

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