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The New Logo and The Inspiration Behind It

From something raw, to something beautiful...

Diamonds are not attractive in their raw, crude and un-polished form. Their true value and brilliance come out when cut and polished to the artisan’s final desired form. Known as the hardest substance on the planet, the craft of cutting and polishing diamonds to their outstanding brilliance as seen in their commercial form, is a huge challenge to achieve for the craftsman of the old days and even at present time, with the continuous evolution of methods.  So whether a diamond is the Queen England’s crowning jewel or as a shining star on your fiancés finger, the same intricate effort and hardwork were applied to achieve its beautiful appearnce.

At VGem Jewelry, we take our craftsmanship seriously and we even create amazing features that will benefit solely our clients. Every customized ring is treated with high aesthetic respect and standards to achieve the perfection that every couple desires with their ring. We are passionate to provide you quality products, outstanding service, and affordability and give you that beautifully polished round diamond with just the right and perfect cut you desire.

V-Gem Jewelry’s new logo is fashioned after the top view of the round cut diamond to feautre the intricate geometric lines of its body and sides. The round cut diamond is generally superior to other fancy diamond shapes and cuts.  Because, with just a hint of reflection of light, it releases a wide spectrum of colors and that maximizes the potential brightness of the surrondings, thus making it shine brighter than any other cut or gem.  This reflects true to VGem Jewelry’s core values and standards. 


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